NF Techno Commerce creates advanced solutions using "sales force", "technical capabilities" and " total power".

NF Techno Commerce offers the solutions that combine the technology and superior products in Japan and abroad, to meet the needs for each customer.

We create the new value for our customers with "sales force“, "technical capabilities" and "total power“.

We have "sales force" to pioneer and propose the products for solving customer’s troubles.
We have "technical capabilities" to arrange professional technical staff and correspond to system integration.
As a member of the NF group, we have "total power" to support consistently to development, production and after-sales service.
For example, in the environment and energy fields, we build the test system for solar power and storage batteries with a rich lineup of DC power supply, combining measurement instruments and software.
We also provide the automatic test systems and multi-channel measurement. Furthermore, we suggest the solutions such as measurement and analysis system using the latest optical technology.


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